Let's take responsibility to shape our future!
What is the Future Leaders program?

Future Leaders is a six-month collective learning journey where we aim to develop more conscious leaders that are ready to take on the glocal challenges of tomorrow.

During these months we meet at six highly participatory weekend-gatherings, filled with different exercises, presentations and challenges. Throughout the program you are placed in a smaller group with a host, who have already been a participant in a previous year. This is to secure a safe learning environment where you can discuss, receive feedback and reflect openly. The host facilitate the program for the group, but is also an important mentor for the participants. Through the program you will learn techniques, gain self confidence, learn how to learn, how to develop others and how to develop yourselves.

The Future Leaders program is built on the latest leadership theory, with methods that are made to fit very diverse individuals. The most important work actually happens in between and after the gatherings, where you will turn your new knowledge into practice. Leadership is a lifelong process, where we see the program as a stepping stone towards lifelong learning arena.

The program structure
The program consist of six two-day gatherings focused on three main modules where we direct our attention: Self, Relations and Systems.
Building your own foundation (2 weekends)

We believe an effective leader today is a lifelong learner who is able to influence their own thoughts, feelings, will and behavior. So in the first two gatherings, we direct our attention inwards to become aware of and work with our own behavior, thoughts, feelings and mental models. We work to accept our starting point, and to develop better personal strategies.

You will work on your ability to influence yourself to cope with everyday life, performance, growth, and moral maturation.
02 Relations
You in relations to others (2 weekends)

We also believe that a future leader must be able to form healthy relations and collaborations. That is why the next two gatherings are directed towards relational processes so you can develop your ability to form healthier relationships and more effective collaborations.

You will work towards getting a better understanding of yourself in relation to others and how you can enable strong relationships in your life that are able to collaborate on solving complex problems.
03 Systems
Navigating the world (2 weekends)

Finally, we wish to enable future leaders to work towards solving systemic and complex problems we see in the world today. In the two final gatherings we direct our attention towards the terrain, the systems, context and society that we are a part of.

We will work towards a better understanding of existing systems at various levels of complexity and how we can get better equipped to influence our societal systems in a better and more systainable direction.
Program aims = Our expectations for you!

  • Understand the glocal challenges and opportunities we are facing
  • Stand strong in your own story and self-worth
  • Discover your passion and commit to your purpose
  • Begin a lifelong practice of self-leadership
  • Lead thriving and resilient team cultures that can adapt to complex challenges and have transformative impact
  • Unleash/use your power to create positive impact

Who is the future leader?

The future leaders are not characterized by their position, accomplishements or status! Neither by their gender, age or nationality! The future leaders are those who acknowledge that we as individuals have the ability to positively affect the world we live in. Even if it means improvements in your private-life or mindset, or by dedicating your life to fighting the sustainability goals. The future leaders are those to wish to make ethical choices and work towards sustainability responsibly, no matter where you are.

Why should you apply?

We are facing an urgent need for concious leaders who are ready to tackle increasingly complex challenges in our local communities and in the global world. We see huge issues with how the established are trying to solve these problems within business, society and climate by only doing business as usual! That is nowhere near enough!

This program is our respond to these challenges. We believe that by developing young, concious leaders that are able to make good choices and stear the world in a positive direction, we can have a huge impact!

Do you want all details of the program content?
Our whole program is open sourced at Gitbook. So if you are curious you can have a deepdive in all the content in terms of methods, theory and practicalities. Still, we recommend you not to sneak peak on it all and leave some for the experience itself.